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Let’s Create a Customized ads strategy that aligns perfectly with your Business goals!

Are you a health and wellness entrepreneur offering high ticket sales or courses, tirelessly marketing your offers, yet facing the challenge of inconsistent sales? The daily social media hustle leaves you drained, with a growing following that doesn’t quite match your expectations. Imagine a different scenario where generating high-quality leads becomes a daily reality.

Picture having a steady stream of the right audience in front of your offers, ensuring consistent sales without the need for constant reliance on social media posting. Let’s transform that vision into reality. 

Crafting a compelling ad that reflects your brand and voice, involves more than meets the eye, and that’s where our adventure begins. Together, we’ll lay down a solid foundation, recognizing that the effectiveness of your ad is directly tied to the quality of the funnel it drives.

Starting with a deep dive, we’ll pinpoint your dream audience and make sure your marketing game is strong, topped with an offer they just can’t resist. I’ll be right there with you, giving friendly advice and sharing ideas along the way.

Once the groundwork is set, it’s time to get creative with the ads. I’ll handle everything, from whipping up catchy copy to designing visuals that pop. We’ll implement concept testing, experimenting with various variables and meticulously tracking their performance. Expect daily chats to make sure we’re on the same page until we land on that magic ad that opens the floodgates to leads for your business.

Together let’s transform your vision into a captivating and highly effective advertising campaign!

Ways We Can Work Together

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Free Marketing Audit & Strategy

A 2-step process that will instantly identify your weaknesses in your marketing so we can create a personalized strategy to accelerate your lead generation to where it needs to be.
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The Whole Package

Ready to leap into advertising? Once we’ve established your readiness, I’ll handle your paid advertising campaigns, allowing you to reclaim lost time and immerse yourself in the aspects of your business you love the most! From pinpointing your target market and crafting an irresistible offer to developing ad copy and making necessary adjustments, I’ve got it covered. Let’s elevate your business and free you up to focus on what truly matters to you.
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Marketing Strategy

I specialize in helping you establish a robust base by identifying your target market and crafting a clear marketing strategy tailored to attract your ideal clients. My services encompass a thorough audit of your social media and website, coupled with close collaboration to optimize these elements for maximum impact.
Jillian Anderson
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“Having Jessica in the lead generation department has been a game-changer … Jessica takes pride in her work and I could genuinely feel her wanting the best outcome for me!”

Jillian Anderson

Copywriting + Copy Consulting for Motherhood Inspired Brands

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