Does this sound familar?

You don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a website designer, but you are not sure if you can figure out the tech on your own

You’ve invested hours and hours researching how to DIY your website but made no real progress

You feel overwhelmed by ALL the different website builder options

Yout tried to DIY your website but got stuck, needed help, couldn’t get help, so gave up…

wordpress website confusion

Perfect Solution For You

WordPress With A Pro

What is the easiest way to “DIY” a website worth at least $10K+ to your business? Work with with a WordPress Pro!

WordPress With A Pro is a proven 4-week website building program for small business owners where you’ll build your dream website for your business with the expert guidance and 1-to-1 hands-on help of a dedicated WordPress Pro.

Our proven system is the easiest way to create a website worth at least $10K+ to your business.

Each week you will do 3 simple things:

Meet with your WordPress Pro

Your WordPress Pro is your partner for creating your website!

Each week, you and your Pro will determine the weekly “plan” for creating your website.

In this 1-to-1 time, your Pro will also provide training, give suggestions, and help you overcome any issues you may have encountered.

the number two

Dedicate 30 minutes per day

Give yourself 30 minutes each day to work on your website project!  Consistency is key.

No guessing about what need to do next!  Just follow the plan you created with your pro. Complete the tasks that are assigned to you.

Dedicating 30 minutes each day to making progress you will be amazed at how easy building your website will be.

the number three

Give your Pro some tasks

You’re NOT in this alone and you don’t have to do all the work by yourself!

Your WordPress Pro will complete 1 hour of website tasks for you. 

Weekly tasks are based on the plan you and your Pro create, and then share the responsibility for completing before your next session.

Here are All the goodies you receive with WordPress With A Pro

Resources | Strategy | Expert Help | Accountability

WordPress PRO Installed & Setup (Value = $247)

  • We install WordPress
  • Configure the WordPress settings correctly for you
  • Setup your “Contact Us” form

DIVI Theme (Value = $247)

Divi is more than just a theme, it’s a website building framework that makes it possible to design beautiful websites without ever touching a single line of code

Website Strategy Workbook (Value = $247)

The most common mistake made is not haveing a strategy for your website.  Our work book will help you create your strategy before ever building a page of your website.

2 Hours of  1-to-1 training, strategy & consulting with a WordPress Expert  (Value = $ priceless)

4 Hours done for you work on your website by a WordPress expert (Value = $497)

1 Year of FREE Quantum Hosting (Value = $227)

Analytics, SEO, Security & Backup plugins (Value = $247)

Normally $1597

Limited Time Offer
Save 50% Today

Stop stressing about creating a website

WordPress With A Pro provides everything you need to build the website of your dreams!
In fact each WordPress With A Pro package includes all the elements we use to build websites for our clients. Websites that our clients have paid $7,500 or more for us to build.

Examples of websites created with this package!

bradford county tourism website
fingerlakes wine rack tours
endless mountains heritage region
stiffs bbq sauces and marinades
bradford county regional arts council
Animal Care Sanctuary

What Is It Like To Work With Us?


‘WordPress With A Pro is AWESOME! This program rescued me from hours
of mind numbing pain trying to figure how to create a website on my own. Having this kind of support when building a website is fantastic”

Paul K

“Amy, Thanks so very much for your help this week! My website works like a charm now and I’ve learned an awful lot from you that will make my working in WordPress so much easier! Thanks again,”

Sylvia M

‘I had gotten so frustrated trying to build my own website. Having a WordPress expert show me how to use WordPress was a huge time saver and I love knowing that I can reach out for additional help when I need it”

Catherine J.

Let’s Build Your Website!

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Let us help you

No fluff, no unnecessary lessons, or experimental strategies. We get you started on your website FAST so you can launch quickly.


Build a brand & website you love


Do-it-yourself with expert help


Launch your business on a small budget and start making money ASAP

money back guarantee

We are 100% confident WordPress With A Pro will help you build the website of your dreams.

If within 7 days you have completed the Website Strategy Workbook AND met with your website PRO for 1-to-1 support, but don’t feel that our program is a good fit for you, we will refund your original purchase price minus 20% to cover processing & transactions fees.


If within 6 months of purchase you decide that you would like for us to build your website for you, we will give you credit for your total investment in WordPress With A Pro.  The credit includes the original purchase price, plus any additional support hours you have purchased AND on top of that will we will give you a 20% discount on your custom designed website. You must have completed the Website Strategy Workbook AND met with your website PRO for 1to1 support at least ONE TIME in order to receive this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly how does this work?

As soon as you have purchased WordPress With A Pro, we go to work creating the foundation for your website. We setup your hosting, install WordPress, DIVI and the plugins for your website.

At the same time, we send you a link to the Website Strategy Workbook. Completing this workbook is your key to website success. We HIGHLY recommend that you complete the Website Strategy Workbook before scheduling your first 1 to 1 support session. Completing the Website Strategy Workbook before your fist support session will allow you to get the most out of your 1 to 1 support.

Within 24 hours your basic website will be setup. At that time, we send you all the info to log into your website AND to schedule your first WordPress With A Pro support session. The first support session is usually 30 minutes long. During that time, your WordPress Pro will show you around WordPress and can even help you make the first page of your website.

All support sessions are held via Zoom. This allows us to share screens and provide you with 1 to 1, customized support while you are building your website.

Plan to meet with your Pro once per week during the 4-week program.

What is the monthly hosting cost?

Your WordPress With A Pro website is powered by fully dedicated individual WordPress site hosting.

We have optimized our hosting for WordPress. With object and page caching, IPv6 support, and our CDN, our sites are beyond speedy.


  • Dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage that is independent of any other sites – including others you host with us!
  • Monthly Website Checkup: Each month we run a “checkup” on your website to make sure everything is working correctly. We update your website Plugins & WordPress core as needed so you never have to worry about your website being outdated.
  • Analytics Reporting:  Each month we send you reports from your website.  These reports give you info on your website traffic and other activity that has taken place on your website.

After the first 12 months, hosting is $25 per month.

Am I locked into a subscription?

No.  The Website With A Pro purchase is a “one time purchase” which includes:

  • the 4 week website building program
  • Quantum level hosting for 12 months.

Hosting will renew after 12 months but can be canceled at any time.  No refunds are given. You will have access to your hosting package for the full 12 months.

Keep in mind that the hosting fee is like the “rent” you pay for your website to live online.  If you cancel the hosting plan, after 12 months from the original date of purchase your plan will expire and your website will be deleted.  Be sure to make a backup copy of your website before cancelling so you can restore your website to a different hosting account in the future if you wish.

Can you build my website for me?

Throughout the four week program, your Word Press Pro will dedicate a total of 6 hours to your project; 2 hours providing you with training, strategy and consultation  … and an additional 4 hours building your WordPress site.

If you need additional support hours they can be purchased.

We also offer fully customized done for you, website design.  Our website design packages start at $7,500. If you are interested in discussing this option please use the following link to schedule a time for us to meet to discuss your project:

In addition, if you purchase WordPress With A Pro and then within 6 months of purchase you decide that you would like for us to build your website for you, we will give you credit for your total investment in WordPress With A Pro. The credit includes the original purchase price, plus any additional support hours you may have purchased AND on top of that will we will give you a 20% discount on your custom designed website. You must have completed the Website Strategy Workbook AND met with your website PRO for 1to1 support at least ONE TIME in order to receive this offer.

Who is WordPress With A Pro for?
This package is for those who want to build their own WordPress website, without having to install WordPress or research plugins. This package is ideal for business owners who want a professional WordPress website but are working with a DIY budget. Or for those who really just want to build and maintain their own website.
What skills do I need to use WordPress With A Pro?
Millions of people around the world find WordPress easy to learn and use once they get started.  However, all DIY projects take some level of determination and fortitude. Also, it is helpful if you are comfortable using your computer and open to learning new software.

Other than that, your Pro is here to help you whenever you need help.  Each package comes with 2 hours of support. You can purchase additional 1 to 1 technical support at any time.

Remember support can help you with any aspect of building your website, from hands on technical support, to advising & guiding, and even setting “accountability” appointments to help you stay on track with your project.

What if I need extra help?
Our regular technical support rate is $99 per hour. However, WordPress With A Pro clients can purchase additional hours of One-to-One support for just $85 per hour. Support packages are also available.

Hours can be used in 20 minute to 60 minute increments.

Are there additional plugin licensing fees?

No.  As long as your website is hosted with us you will not pay any additional licensing fees for the plugin versions that were included with the WordPress With A Pro package.

Even better … because we are website developers we are able to obtain bulk licensing discounts.  What that means for you is that anytime we acquire new licensing we share the opportunity to upgrade your site with the new plugin or feature.

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